Do Gerbils Need a Running Wheel for Exercise? (Revealed!)

Do Gerbils Need a Running Wheel for Exercise

Are you feeling a little unsure about whether your gerbil needs a running wheel?

Are you worried you might be neglecting your furry friend's exercise needs?

I feel ya.

Nobody wants to be the person responsible for their pet's unhappiness.

But fear not!

We're going to dive into this topic and clear up any confusion. 😊

So, let's separate fact from fiction and discover the truth about gerbils and their need for a running wheel.

Shall we begin?

The Importance of Exercise for Gerbils

You need to ensure your gerbil gets enough exercise to stay healthy, just like you.

Here's why exercise is so important for gerbils:

  1. Exercise keeps their hearts strong and healthy.
  2. It helps them avoid weight gain and all the health problems that come with it.
  3. Running on a wheel keeps them entertained and happy.
  4. Being active improves their in essence well-being and makes their lives better.
  5. Gerbils naturally love running on wheels because it reminds them of what they do in the wild.
  6. Having an exercise wheel is crucial for gerbils because it lets them do their favorite thing whenever they want.

So make sure your gerbil has an exercise wheel to keep them active and in good shape!

The Importance of Exercise for Gerbils
You gotta give gerbils a running wheel, you know? It's their therapy and personal trainer all in one. Keeps 'em fit, sharp, and happy. And hey, it's like a free cute workout video for you!

But how do you choose the right running wheel for your gerbil?

You want to ensure it's safe, comfortable, and suitable for their needs.

Well, I've got all the details for you!

From the size and design to the materials used, I'll walk you through everything you need to know to keep your little buddy healthy and happy.

Let's dive in!

Choosing the Right Running Wheel for Your Gerbil

Opt for a running wheel with a solid surface

When picking a running wheel for your gerbil, make sure it has a sturdy surface.

This will protect your furry friend's delicate feet and reduce the risk of injury.

Types of running wheels to consider

You have two main options for running wheels:

The classic ferris wheel-shaped ones or the flat saucer-style ones.

Choosing the Right Running Wheel for Your Gerbil
Keep your gerbil happy and in shape, you gotta have a running wheel. It satisfies their desire to run like crazy every night. Make sure you pick the right one for their liking and size, so they get the most out of it.

They come in different sizes and materials, so choose based on what your gerbil prefers.

Size and safety considerations

Choose the right-sized wheel for your gerbil.

You don't want them bending their back while running, as it can be uncomfortable and potentially harmful.

Aim for a wheel that has a diameter of around 7 or 8 inches so that your gerbil can run comfortably with a straight back.

Also, think about the size of your gerbil's cage.

Choosing the Right Running Wheel for Your Gerbil
Get a good wheel for your gerbil. You want it to be solid and have a smooth surface. Look for one that's about 7-8 inches wide so your gerbil can run comfortably. Avoid getting one with wires or a middle shaft. Make sure the wheel fits in your gerbil's cage, so there's enough room and no accidents happen.

Make sure there's enough room for both the wheel and other essentials like tunnels.

Considering the cage size ensures your gerbil's well-being.

Lastly, prioritize safety.

Avoid wire surface wheels that could cause injuries to your gerbil's feet or tail.

Choose solid wheels without wide openings to prevent your gerbil from getting stuck.

Steer clear of wheels with middle shafts too, as they could harm your gerbil's spine or tail.

By following these guidelines and taking these precautions into account, you can provide your gerbil with a running wheel that keeps them active and happy. Plus, it reduces the chances of accidents and expensive vet visits.

And if you're wondering about a different exercise option for your gerbil, you might find Do Gerbils Like Running Balls an interesting read.

Alternatives to a Running Wheel for Gerbil Exercise

For a fun and stimulating gerbil exercise routine, try these 10 alternatives to running wheels:

  1. Provide spacious tunnels for easy movement.
  2. Use chew-resistant materials for the tunnels.
  3. Set up gerbil hideouts for mental stimulation.
  4. Place comfortable beds for relaxation.
  5. Offer a variety of toys for playtime.
  6. Include gerbil chew toys for teeth exercise.
  7. Stimulate them mentally with activity center toys.
  8. Supervise gerbil balls to avoid accidents.
  9. Limit access to stairs and other pets when using gerbil balls.
  10. Allow supervised time outside the cage for exploration.

It's not recommended to let gerbils run free indoors due to potential dangers. ⚡

But with these alternatives, you can keep your gerbils happy, healthy, and entertained.

Alternatives to a Running Wheel for Gerbil Exercise
You see, gerbils need exercise. But you don't necessarily have to rely on a running wheel. Instead, why not give them roomy tunnels to explore and keep their minds active with cozy hideouts and fun toys in an activity center? And hey, take them out of the cage under your watchful eye for a bit of adventure. This way, you can ensure your gerbils stay content and in good health, all while avoiding any possible risks.

And it gets better...

There are even more benefits to providing alternative exercise options for your gerbils!

In the next section, we will explore the various physical and mental advantages of these alternatives, as well as additional tips for keeping your furry friends healthy and entertained.

You won't want to miss it!

Common Misconceptions About Gerbils and Running Wheels

Gerbils spinning on a wheel do not mean they're stressed or anxious, as commonly believed.

It's just their innate need for physical activity.

Common Misconceptions About Gerbils and Running Wheels
Gerbils can be mesmerizing as they zip around on their wheel. Don't forget, you need to give them a wheel in their home so they can exercise and stay healthy. That's how you keep those little guys cheerful and full of energy!

Bear in mind that hamster wheels aren't suitable for gerbils since they have different sizes and there's a risk of their tails getting trapped while spinning.

But worry not!

With proper care, gerbils can actually be less troublesome than what people usually think.



  1. Gerbils need exercise wheels for physical activity and to prevent boredom and weight gain.
  2. Choose a wheel with the proper size, solid surface, and quiet operation.
  3. Select safe materials that gerbils can chew on.
  4. The ideal wheel size is around 7-8 inches in diameter.
  5. Consider the size of the cage when choosing a wheel.
  6. Avoid wire surface wheels and middle shaft designed wheels to prevent injuries.
  7. Provide wide tunnels and chew-resistant material for exercise.
  8. Use gerbil hideouts, beds, and a variety of toys for mental stimulation.
  9. Supervise when using gerbil balls and keep away from stairs and other pets.
  10. Do not let gerbils run free indoors and provide extra toys to prevent chewing on the wheel.
  11. Gerbils should not use hamster wheels due to size differences and tail trapping.

And that's all for today, folks!

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