Why Are My Gerbils Eyes Closed? (What Does This Mean?)

Why Are My Gerbils Eyes Closed

Ever looked into your gerbil's cage and found their little eyes tightly shut?

Immediately hit by a wave of anxiety, your mind starts racing with worries.

Are they sick?

In pain?

As if our furry friends could talk, right?

But don't fret, fellow gerbil-enthusiast.

I've got your back. 😊

Let's dig deep into the world of our closed-eyed fluffballs, uncovering the why, the how, and the what-the-heck of it all.

So, shall we begin?

Seeking Help from Other Gerbil Owners: My Gerbil’s Eyes Are Closed, What Should I Do?

Reach out to gerbil communities for advice

When you see your gerbil's eyes closed, don't panic!

The best thing to do is connect with other gerbil owners who have faced similar situations.

You can find helpful insights and recommendations from experienced gerbil owners on gerbil forums and social media groups. Ask for advice by explaining your gerbil's closed eyes, and you'll receive valuable information on how to address the issue.

Learn from others' experiences with closed gerbil eyes

By joining gerbil communities, you benefit from the collective experience of fellow gerbil owners. You might come across someone who has successfully dealt with the same problem in their gerbils.

Seeking Help from Other Gerbil Owners: My Gerbil’s Eyes Are Closed, What Should I Do?
If your gerbil's eyes shut tight, could be 'cause of a few things. Maybe they're just catching some Zs. But, closed peepers might signal sickness, getting hurt, or problems with their crib. Ask fellow gerbil handlers for help ASAP and think about hollering at a vet if needed.

Engaging in discussions with these gerbil enthusiasts will help you understand the possible causes behind closed gerbil eyes and discover effective strategies to assist your furry little friend.

Get support and guidance for your gerbil companions

Gerbils are sociable creatures that thrive when they have interaction opportunities with both humans and other gerbils.

Seeking Help from Other Gerbil Owners: My Gerbil’s Eyes Are Closed, What Should I Do?
If your gerbil's eyes are shut, it might mean they're stressed, hurt, or sick. To help them out, keep things tidy, dim the lights, and see a vet if you're unsure.

Seeking assistance from gerbil communities not only helps you handle specific issues like closed eyes but also provides continuous support and guidance for the overall well-being of your gerbil companions.

When you connect with other gerbil owners online, you can share experiences, exchange tips, and even make new friends, all while ensuring your gerbils receive the best care to lead happy and healthy lives.

But what exactly leads to closed eyes in gerbils?

Let's delve into the various environmental factors and health issues that may cause this behavior and how monitoring these conditions is crucial for your furry friend's well-being...

Understanding the Causes of Closed Eyes in Gerbils

When gerbils close their eyes, it could mean a few different things. Here's what you should know:

  1. Sleep: Gerbils naturally close their eyes when they sleep, so if you see them doing that during rest time, it's totally normal.
  2. Environmental factors: Changes in temperature or humidity can sometimes cause gerbils to close their eyes.
  3. Moisture: If your gerbil doesn't have enough access to water, it can lead to closed eyes. Make sure they always have fresh water available.
  4. Stress: Closed eyes can be a sign of stress in gerbils, usually due to changes in their environment or social dynamics.
  5. Infections or injuries: If your gerbil's eyes are crusted or closed, it may indicate an infection or injury, especially in older gerbils. It's best to consult a vet in these cases.
  6. Behavioral issues: Over-grooming or disputes between gerbils can sometimes result in closed eyes.
  7. Health problems: If your gerbil is acting lethargic, not eating, losing weight, behaving strangely, feeling cold to the touch, or not moving at all, it could be a sign of serious illness or even death. You'll need to seek immediate veterinary attention.
  8. Blinking: Blinking is important for gerbils because it helps keep their eyes moisturized and prevents debris from building up.

To sum it up, closed eyes in gerbils can be caused by various things.

By keeping an eye on their behavior, providing a suitable environment, and getting vet help when needed, you'll be able to keep your gerbils healthy and happy. 😺

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Common Causes of Closed Eyes in Gerbils: Infection, Allergy, Cold

Gerbils can get eye infections like conjunctivitis from things like infection, allergies, or being cold.

When bacteria gets into wounds, it causes redness, swelling, gunk, and closed eyes in gerbils.

To prevent these infections, ensure your gerbil's environment is clean.

If your gerbil gets a bacterial eye infection, the vet might give them antibiotics.

Common Causes of Closed Eyes in Gerbils: Infection, Allergy, Cold
If your gerbil's eyes are shut, it might be an infection, allergy, or a pesky cold. Keep things tidy in their crib, toss in some different bedding for those sneezy situations, and keep an eye out for any funky redness or leakage. Go see a vet if required, but don't fret too much since closed peepers during the day are just how they roll in dreamland.

But conjunctivitis and colds usually get better on their own over time.

Allergies can also make gerbils have closed or gunky eyes that are swollen shut and red.

To help with these symptoms, you can use different bedding like shredded paper, cardboard, or hay.

You have to know that gerbils naturally close their eyes during the day for sleep. This is important for their alertness and all in all health.

So, if you see your gerbil with closed eyes, think about these possible reasons and do what you need to keep them healthy. 😷

Dealing with Closed Eyes in Gerbils After a Bedding Change: Possible Reasons and Solutions

If your gerbil's eyes are closed after changing the bedding, don't worry - there are reasons for it and solutions to fix it.

  1. Some gerbils might be allergic to wood shavings, which are commonly used as bedding. If you see closed eyes after a bedding change, try using shredded paper or hemp bedding instead.
  2. Gerbils can also have allergies to other types of wood bedding and dusty bedding. To find the best option for your gerbil, experiment with different materials.
  3. Scratches and wounds to the eye can occur if gerbils come into contact with hay or live in a dirty environment. Keep their living area clean and observe their behavior to prevent any problems.
  4. For temporary relief from infected eyes, you can use saltwater. But remember, antibiotics prescribed by a vet work better for treating infections.
  5. If your gerbils are being aggressive, separate them to keep them safe. Aggressive behavior can lead to fatal fights.
  6. Grooming each other is normal for gerbils, so they close their eyes during this process. Show them some extra love, attention, and give them petting sessions to make them feel comfortable.

To take care of your gerbils' eye health, make sure their environment is clean and cozy.

Provide them with fresh food and water, and keep an eye on their eyes regularly. 🙂

Dealing with Closed Eyes in Gerbils After a Bedding Change: Possible Reasons and Solutions
If your gerbil's eyes are closed after a bedding change, you might have allergies. Change the bedding, see if it helps. Keep things clean, provide good food and water for optimum health.

Note: If you're concerned about your gerbil's health and want to know what to do if your gerbil is bleeding, check out my article on What to Do if Your Gerbil Is Bleeding. I advise you to have this valuable resource on hand to ensure the well-being of your furry friend.

And it gets better...

There's a wealth of resources and support available to assist you in ensuring your gerbil's eye health.

By reaching out to fellow gerbil owners who have encountered similar issues, you can tap into their knowledge and experience.

Let's explore some valuable options for connecting with the gerbil enthusiast community:

Finding Solutions for Closed Eyes in Gerbils: Seeking Advice from Other Gerbil Owners

Reaching out to other gerbil owners who have faced and conquered similar issues is invaluable.

You can seek refuge in forums or online communities dedicated solely to the love of gerbils, where a wealth of solutions awaits you.

If your adorable gerbil decides to nap during its usual sleeping hours, fear not!

There is no cause for concern. These charming creatures have their own patterns and quirks that may differ from our expectations. Bringing a gerbil into your home not only brings joy but also instills a sense of tenderness and accountability within children.

It's an opportunity for them to learn the importance of caring for another living being.

Final Tips for Gerbil Owners with Closed Eyes

Key Takeaways:

  1. Gerbils close their eyes when they sleep and use their sight for navigation when awake.
  2. Extended periods of closed eyes could indicate death, deep sleep, lack of moisture, stress, contentment, or perceived danger.
  3. Severe illness, old age, tumors, kidney failure, or eye injuries can cause extended eye closure or nearing death.
  4. Lethargy, loss of appetite, weight loss, and unusual behavior are common symptoms of severe illness.
  5. Cold touch and lack of movement indicate serious health problems or death.
  6. Closed eyes can occur due to being slept on, over-grooming, over dominance, fights, or changes in humidity or temperature.
  7. Older gerbils may experience coordination issues, closed or crusted eyes could signify infection or injury.
  8. Regular monitoring of weight and behavior is important for gerbil health.
  9. Blinking is crucial for moisturizing gerbil eyes and preventing debris accumulation.
  10. Regular vet checkups are recommended for in essence gerbil health.
  11. Closed eyes can be caused by infection, allergy, or cold.
  12. Maintaining a clean gerbil enclosure is crucial to prevent eye infections.
  13. Bacterial eye infections may require antibiotics prescribed by a vet.
  14. Gerbil allergies can be alleviated by using alternative bedding options.
  15. Closed eyes during the day are part of gerbils' diurnal sleep pattern, vital for their alertness and health.

And that's all for today, folks!

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